Medical Social Worker

Medical social workers play a vital role in the care team. After a patient is admitted to Home Health, a Medical Social Worker may conduct an assessment to help determine patient needs and identify any limitations, barriers, or safety issues that might impede recovery, educate patients and families regarding community resources and support, and assist with long range planning, including advance care planning and directives, and overall care opportunities, as a worker you need to learn how to get a W2 form for taxes and more.

Our Medical Social Workers work with the patients and families to keep patients at home in a safe and healthy environment. Try now this link to learn about using the online paycheck stub maker.

Medical Social Services include:

  • Community resource planning and coordination
  • Advance directives (Power of Attorney for Health Care or Living Will)
  • Assistance in emotional adjustments to life changes
  • Crisis Intervention
  • Assistance with applications for financial aid
  • Counseling with life-style changes
  • Teaching regarding coping with loss and change
  • Grief counseling/coping with impending loss

Here are a few more of the services we offer.

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